At the Thompson Chiropractic Clinic, the entire staff is committed to your health and care. Our team is important to the daily function of the Clinic to ensure you are receiving the proper care and treatment.

Meet our team!

Tracy (Office Manager) – Tracy has been with the clinic since 1985! She knows anything about everything and is always there when you need any assistance. She’s the real boss.

Jennifer (Reception & Assistant) – Jennifer recently began working for the clinic, and her bubbly face will often greet you in the mornings.

Sharon (Reception & Assistant) – Sharon has been with the clinic for just over two years now. She is always there to help answer any questions you may have in the afternoons.

Alexis (Reception & Assistant)  – Alexis is our amazing high school student. We have never managed to catch her in a bad mood- bubbly and caring she wants to make sure all the patients in the Clinic are healing and feeling better.

Samantha (Integrative Health Coach) – Samantha has begun taking new patients on Saturday Mornings at the Thompson Chiropractic Clinic providing programing for nutritional, physical activity, spirituality, career fulfillment, and healthy relationships.

Nicole (Massage Therapist) – Nicole is the Massage Therapist within the Thompson Chiropractic Clinic. She has been working in the office taking over Daisy’s big shoes! Nicole is currently taking new patients, and is looking forward to helping her patients.

Dr. Chelsea Lillbeck (Doctor of Chiropractic) – Dr. Chelsea Lillbeck has taken over for Dr. Pritchard. She began working in the Thompson Chiropractic Clinic in September 2015, and it has been a whirl wind ever since!

We would love to get to know you more on your journey with us!